Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Our Landscape Lighting Designer Talks about Ways to Improve the Beauty and Efficiency of Your Landscape

Landscape lighting designOutdoor lighting is the new fashion in landscaping. More homeowners every day decide to improve their landscape by adding all sorts of lighting fixtures. There is one problem, however. Since most landscapers are not specialized in landscape lighting, more often than not, they fail to provide the result a client would expect. So, in order to avoid transforming your landscape into a kitsch, hire a professional landscape lighting designer. Here are some ideas for your project.

Aesthetic Lighting
The main goal of this lighting solution is to enhance the landmarks of a property. For instance, if your home has a beautiful and unique architecture, you may want to attract attention upon it. One way to do it is to install fade lighting fixtures next to you home’s foundation, and point them toward your roof. The light will catch only certain aspects of the home’s architecture, fact that arouses viewer’s interest.

Task Lighting
Patios, driveways, pools, sport courts or any other landscape items you may be using at night, should be properly illuminated. However, you don’t want them to pop out from the landscape. The main goal here is to install fixtures that provide enough light for you to can safely use these landscape items even at night, but at the same time, the lighting should not attract attention for an outside viewer. A professional landscape lighting designer will know exactly what you need.

Security Lighting
A well lit property is less likely to be invaded or burglarized. Although there are many things you can do to increase the safety of your property, lighting is one of the cheapest and most effective solutions. Installing lighting fixtures at key points of your property is a perfect way to discourage potential intruders from invading your property.

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