Mulching Techniques That Will Improve Your Landscape’s Curb Appeal

What Is Mulching, and How Should It Be Done?

Wood chips for landscapingMulches are materials placed over the soil to improve its condition and maintain moisture. Mulch can minimize weed competition, reduce water loss from the soil, and improve soil structure overall. This makes mulching one of the best things you can do for your trees and landscape in general. Read this brief guideline on how to apply mulch properly.

If your yard has proper drainage, then you shouldn’t apply more than a 2 inch layer of mulch. In case you have drainage problems, consider applying a thinner layer. It’s also very important to keep mulch away from tree trunks.

Composed wood chips can be used as mulch for your landscape, especially if they contain bark and leaves. Fresh wood chips are also beneficial for your landscape, especially around established shrubs and trees. However, you should never use wood chips that have been piled deeply, without exposure to oxygen.

Besides wood chips, one can also use organic mulch for their landscape. If you decide to use organic mulch, make sure you aerate it properly. Proper mulching with organic materials can offer better results than wood chips.

You should always inspect the soil before mulching. If there is a sufficient layer of mulch already in place, then don’t add any more. What you should do instead is rake the old mulch in order to break up any matted layers, also to refresh the appearance.

You must always inspect your plants before mulching. Some plants may be more sensitive to certain types of mulches, so you’ll have to adapt your mulching products and techniques to the needs of your plants. If you’re not sure whether your plants will be affected by adding mulch around them, then you better hire a professional landscaper. Mulching is highly beneficial for most landscapes, but it can also destroy your plants if not performed properly.

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