Landscaping Your Commercial Property

What to Expect From a Commercial Landscaper

Small pond and a professionally maintained area!If you’re new to property management and haven’t dealt with a commercial landscaper before, you may want to consider learning a few more things about their services. First of all, you should know there are two types of commercial landscaping plans: custom and general. We will focus our attention on general landscaping plans. It remains for you to discuss the details for a custom plan with your landscaper.

Every landscaping company that offers commercial services has a manager who represents the company. All questions you have related to your landscaping needs should be addressed to them. The manager will visit your commercial property at least twice a month, and will perform inspections. The landscaping work however, will be performed weekly by a team of landscapers along with a team leader.

Besides general landscaping tasks such as mowing, trimming and pruning, a commercial landscaper is also responsible for keeping your lawn and drainage paths clean. It’s imperative that these tasks are mentioned in the agreement contract you sign. Some contractors may try to cut corners, and avoid doing their job properly. Make sure yours is not one of them.

Pest control is also a part of the general landscaping plan. Your commercial landscaper should use high-quality pesticides, on a regular basis. Mulching, watering and planting are also your landscaper’s responsibilities. Some landscapers even offer sprinkler maintenance services. It’s in your benefit to hire a contractor who provides such services.

True commercial landscapers also offer emergency services. For instance, if your sprinkler system breaks down in the middle of the night and water start splashing around, you must call for immediate assistance, otherwise you may waste tons of water until morning.

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