What Is Dethatching and Why Would I Need Such a Service?

How a Professional Landscaping Contractor Can Help You Revive Your Lawn

Every homeowner’s dream is to have the greenest and healthiest lawn in the neighborhood. But, as we all know – keeping a lawn in perfect condition is a very daunting task. Lawn maintenance requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, and above all, it takes a lot of time. However, there are also some shortcuts that you can take in order to enhance the appearance of a rather dull lawn. One of them is dethatching. Continue reading »

Why Build a Stone Retaining Wall on Your Property

The Benefits of Hiring a Landscaper Who Offers Stone Works

Beautiful home garden waterfall pondThe latest trend in landscaping is building natural walls using boulders and stones. Unfortunately, this is not a job suitable for amateurs. Doing any kind of stone works involves the use of heavy equipment, not to mention that it also necessitates experience and knowledge. So, if you’re planning to install a retaining wall on your property, then you better look for a reputable contractor. Continue reading »

Mulching Techniques That Will Improve Your Landscape’s Curb Appeal

What Is Mulching, and How Should It Be Done?

Wood chips for landscapingMulches are materials placed over the soil to improve its condition and maintain moisture. Mulch can minimize weed competition, reduce water loss from the soil, and improve soil structure overall. This makes mulching one of the best things you can do for your trees and landscape in general. Read this brief guideline on how to apply mulch properly. Continue reading »

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Our Landscape Lighting Designer Talks about Ways to Improve the Beauty and Efficiency of Your Landscape

Landscape lighting designOutdoor lighting is the new fashion in landscaping. More homeowners every day decide to improve their landscape by adding all sorts of lighting fixtures. There is one problem, however. Since most landscapers are not specialized in landscape lighting, more often than not, they fail to provide the result a client would expect. So, in order to avoid transforming your landscape into a kitsch, hire a professional landscape lighting designer. Here are some ideas for your project. Continue reading »

Landscaping Your Commercial Property

What to Expect From a Commercial Landscaper

Small pond and a professionally maintained area!If you’re new to property management and haven’t dealt with a commercial landscaper before, you may want to consider learning a few more things about their services. First of all, you should know there are two types of commercial landscaping plans: custom and general. We will focus our attention on general landscaping plans. It remains for you to discuss the details for a custom plan with your landscaper. Continue reading »

DIY or Hire a Licensed Landscaper?

Benefits of Hiring a Landscaping Contractor

Having a professional landscaper to take care of your yard, benefits in terms of time consumed, as well as the final results. Having had a properly landscaped garden, by a professional, is all that a yard owner dreams of. Here we present the most common reasons why it is much more beneficial using the services of a landscaper rather than relying on the DIY option. Continue reading »