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Do you want to have green and healthy grass in your yard? Do you dream of having a beautiful garden? Sombra's Landscaping LLC is the landscaping contractor, that has all the necessary resources to make your dream come true. We have been in this business for over a decade and are completely capable of handling any given task in a timely manner. Over the years, we have become renowned for our professional landscaping service and attention to details. Today, our many satisfied customers, in the Northampton PA area, recognize us as the leading company in the region. We also have a large number of testimonials which is just more proof of our professionalism.

Sombra's Landscaping LLC
Address: 5009 Cherryville Rd Northampton, PA 18067
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We offer professional lawn care services at reasonable rates!

Sombra's Landscaping LLC offers a world-class lawn care service for both residential and commercial customers. To make sure your lawn is in perfect condition, we offer mulching and dethatching services at competitive prices. Proper mulching will benefit your garden in many ways:

  • It provides a protective layer, that will keep the soil warm during the winter and cooler in the summer
  • The procedure will reduce the growth of weeds
  • The mulch will keep the soil moist and reduce the need for watering
  • Most importantly, mulching will improve the soil’s fertility
  • and many more

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Dethatching is another very important element of our professional lawn maintenance services. This procedure will help the water, nutrients and air to enter the soil and reach the roots of the plants and grass. So if you want to have a green, neat and healthy lawn in your yard, then simple watering will not be enough. Hire a professional to provide regular lawn care service and get ready to be amazed with the results.

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As a reliable landscaper, we have a team of talented experts, that know perfectly well how to treat your garden and especially your lawn. They are trained professionals with over 11 years of experience behind their backs. They know everything there is to know about lawn maintenance and are guaranteed to leave you amazed with the quality of their work. Do not trust an inexperienced company, only an experienced landscaper will have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your project and achieve optimum results.

We have extensive experience providing first class landscaping and lawn maintenance services!We use quality tools in each assignment we take. Our experts are equipped with all the modern machinery they need to deliver outstanding landscaping service every time. The plants, nutrients and materials we use in our work are of the highest quality and that is proof, that our services are of the highest standards.

Another important benefit when working with us is that you will certainly save some money. Our services come at budget-friendly prices. We will take care of your lawn in the most professional manner, without ruining your budget.

Sombra's Landscaping LLC is a professional landscaping contractor, that relies on skilled labor and extensive knowledge of the craft to complete every single project. We serve the entire Northampton PA area and are also proud to be affiliated with The Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating. Call our hotline now at (610) 960-8282 and make an appointment.

by Excellent! on The Grass Guy
Michael and Lynette

We just want to thank you for the great service. We just bought our new home and had some definite criteria regarding the landscaping of our new property. We interviewed several landscaping contractors but choosing The Grass Guy was the right decision for us.The project was completed in a very professional manner according to our requirements! We would definitely use your services again.

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